Motto: Probing into Nature

B.Sc. Biology Programme


Philosophy of BSc. Biology Programme

The philosophy behind the BSc. Biology Programme is to produce graduates with a broad-based degree, a good working knowledge in other areas of pure and applied sciences, which will be very useful to society. It will also endow the products of the B.Sc. Biology Programme with the ability to make valuable contributions to contemporary biological issues of national and international interest.

This strategy will broaden the employment opportunities of our graduates as they will be better prepared after training to establish as private entrepreneurs, or take up employment in various organizations.

The specific academic objectives of the B.Sc. Biology degree Programme are to:

  • To train academically sound future researchers and intellectuals in the area of general biology, with emphasis in areas on the cutting edge of modern biology, e.g., Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Cytology, Cell and Tissue Culture, and Environmental Conservation.
  • To contribute to discoveries and innovations in these aspects of the biological science discipline through research.
  • To provide expert counsel and consultancy services to national and international organizations on issues relating to general biology.
  • To instill qualities of self-confidence and self-reliance in crops of prospective young Nigerian biologists.

Some graduates of the Biology Programme have been known to enroll in the MBBS and other medical and applied biology Programme s in furtherance of their carrier in the biological sciences.

Admission Requirements:
For admission to any of the three degree Programme  in the Department of Biological Sciences, a student must satisfy the minimum University/Faculty of Science requirements of a credit in Biology and credits in at least four other subjects including Chemistry, Physics, English and Mathematics at the GCE ‘O’ level or SSCE. Students that have successfully completed remedial Programme s that are approved by the University Senate and meet the GCE “O”-Level/SSCE requirements are also offered admission.

For direct entry admission into the 200 Level of study, a prospective candidate must satisfy the requirements stated above and in addition possess two or more G.C.E. A-Level papers (or its equivalent), which must include Biology and Chemistry.

100 Level   |   200 Level   |   300 Level   |   400 Level

S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Prerequisite Semester
1 BIOL111 Plant Biology 2 First Semester
2 BIOL112 Ecology 2 Second Semester
3 BIOL113 Animal Biology 2 First Semester
4 BIOL114 Introductory Evolution and Genetics 2 Second Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Prerequisite Semester
1 BIOL211 General Ecology 2 BIOL112 First Semester
2 BIOL213 Biological techniques 2 None, except 200 Level standing First Semester
3 BIOL215 Biological Nomenclature and Taxonomy 2 BIOL111, BIOL113 First Semester
4 BIOL218 Biostatistics 2 O-Level Maths & 200 Level standing Second Semester
5 BOTY221 Cryptogamic Botany 2 BIOL112 First Semester
6 ZOOL231 Invertebrata 2 BIOL113 First Semester
7 BIOL212 General Physiology 3 BIOL111, BIOL 113 Second Semester
8 BIOL214 General Genetics 2 BIOL114 Second Semester
9 BIOL216 Hydrobiology 2 BIOL211 Second Semester
10 BOTY222 Spermatophyta 3 BIOL111 Second Semester
11 ZOOL232 Vertebrata 2 BIOL113 Second Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Prerequisite Semester
1 BIOL311 Field Course I 1 None, except 300 Level standing First Semester
2 BIOL313 Biogeography and Soil Biology 2 BIOL211 and BIOL215 First Semester
3 BIOL315 Microbial and Molecular Biology 3 BIOL214 First Semester
4 BOTY321 Algae 2 BOTY221 First Semester
5 BOTY323 Mycology 2 BOTY221 First Semester
6 BOTY325 Plant Physiology I 2 BIOL212 First Semester
7 BOTY327 Bryophyta, Pteridophyta and Gymnospermae 3 BOTY221 First Semester
8 ZOOL331 Protozoology 2 ZOOL231 First Semester
9 ZOOL335 Arthropoda and Mollusca 3 ZOOL231 First Semester
10 ZOOL337 Comparative Animal Histology and Embryology 2 ZOOL232 First Semester
11 BIOL300 Students’ Industrial Work Experience (SIWES) 6 300 Level standing Second Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Prerequisite Semester
1 BIOL411 Field Course II 2 BIOL311 First Semester
2 BIOL412 Principles of Plant and Animal Breeding 3 BIOL315 Second Semester
3 BIOL413 Population Biology and Evolution 3 BIOL211, BIOL214 First Semester
4 BIOL414 Conservation and Development of Natural Resources 2 BIOL311 Second Semester
5 BIOL415 Plant and Animal Cytogenetics 3 BIOL214, BIOL315 First Semester
6 BIOL416 Special Options: (Restricted Electives in Specialized Areas) 2 None, except 400 Level standing Second Semester
7 BIOL417 Nigerian Fauna and Flora 3 BIOL311, BIOL313 First Semester
8 BIOL418 General Practical Biology/Botany/Zoology 2 None, except 400 Level standing Second Semester
9 BOTY421 Plant Physiology II 2 BIOL212 First Semester
10 BOTY422 Plant Pathology 2 BOTY222 Second Semester
11 BOTY423 Economic Botany 3 BOTY222 First Semester
12 BOTY424 Angiospermae 3 BOTY222 Second Semester
13 BOTY425 Comparative Plant Anatomy 3 BOTY221, BOTY222 First Semester
14 BOTY426 Advanced Plant Physiology 3 BOTY421, BOTY327 Second Semester
15 ZOOL431 Applied Entomology 3 ZOOL335 First Semester
16 ZOOL432 Parasitology and Immunology 2 ZOOL331 Second Semester
17 ZOOL433 Principles of Wildlife Management 2 ZOOL336 First Semester
18 ZOOL434 Helminthology and Nematology 2 ZOOL231 Second Semester
19 ZOOL435 Neurophysiology 2 BIOL212 First Semester
20 ZOOL436 Animal Behaviour 2 BIOL211 Second Semester
21 ZOOL437 Comparative Chordate Anatomy and Physiology 3 BIOL212 First Semester
22 ZOOL438 Principles of Fisheries Management 2 BIOL216 Second Semester
23 BIOL400 Research orientation and Project 6 - Second Semester
Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences
Ahmadu Bello University Zaria - Nigeria
HOD, Prof. M.L. Balarabe